Your Keybox is Naked.

We've got you covered...

Real estate agents know better than anyone how difficult it can be to stand out in a crowd of other professionals. The marketing value of a personalized cover for your Supra lockbox should be obvious to anyone who has ever placed one on the door of a client's home, or on a hitching post outside of a condominium. Whether you call it a keybox or a lockbox, you will want to wrap it in one of our precision-cut, customized covers.

All for only $21 per wrap

(plus a one-time set-up and design fee of $45).

Each wrap attaches easily to a keybox, and can be adjusted without losing adhesion and removed without leaving any sticky film or residue. The ink and vinyl wrap material are weather resistant. For only $4 more per cover, you can opt for a laminated cover, which are even more resilient to adverse conditions, resists scuffing, and will last much longer. Step up your game, and wrap up your keybox!

Free shipping on all orders!

A Professional Look
Set Yourself Apart
Find Your Keybox Easily
No More Small Business Cards
Custom Messaging, Personal Branding

Step One: Place Order

After placing your order, you will be redirected to a page where you can provide us with images, logos, and other material we'll need to design your wrap.

Note: We will not mail anything until you are happy with your proof, and in the unlikely event we cannot create a final proof you approve of, we offer a full refund on your order, so you can place your order with confidence!

Large Keybox Cover

(Fits Supra iBox BT/BT LE)
$21 per cover, unlaminated 2
$25 per cover, laminated 2


Small Keybox Cover

(Fits Supra iBox)
$21 per cover, unlaminated 2
$25 per cover, laminated 2


Note: A 4-wrap minimum order will ensure our fastest service. Ordering fewer than three may significantly increase your order fulfillment time.

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Example of a completed large wrap.

Matching Branded Keychains

$4.50 per keychain

Keychains are available with each order of three or more wraps. Specify the number of matching keychains you would like, and add them to your cart! It's the perfect accessory to your beautiful new keyboxes!


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  • Click Here to Order Additional Collar Stickers

    Open or Close

    Extra Collar Stickers

    Large Keybox
    $21 per set of four


    Extra Collar Stickers

    Small Keybox
    $21 per set of four


    Note: To add multiple different collar options, select desired option/quantity for first batch and click "Add to Cart". Then repeat as necessary before checking out. Please note that all wraps come with a collar sticker. Add extra collar decals to your cart only if you want additional stickers.

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  1. Collar Customization: This can be a tagline, your name and phone number, or even the name, number and/or URL of an associated business, (like a mortgage broker or home inspector), with whom you have a professional relationship. If you wish to advertise a third party on the collar of your keybox cover, you may upload their logo below. Additional customized collars are available for purchase with your keybox cover.

  2. *Note: The ink on unlaminated covers is rated by our supplier to resist fading over two years of outdoor use, though results will vary based on individual use. Laminated covers are much more durable, resilient in poor weather, and longer lasting. They are also less susceptible to scratches, scuffs and scrapes.